We at Oratorian Wisdom believe that the wisdom of the saints is vital to our growth in the spiritual life.  The instruction from our forefathers and mothers in the faith truly supports us in developing a deeper connection with God.


We embrace the reality that God’s Word is the way to true life. Over the course of salvation history there have been men and women who have embodied this true life well. The Catholic Tradition calls these individuals “saints.”


Thus, being Oratorian enthusiasts ourselves, we decided to create products inspired by saints from the Oratorian family. Notably, St. Philip Neri and St. John Henry Cardinal Newman. The former is the founder of the Oratory (from the 16th Century) and the latter popularized the way of life in the English speaking world in the 19th Century. We hope you can find the inspiration to love God above all else through the wisdom of these great men.



Thus, our mission is to share the powerful teachings of St. Philip Neri and St. John Henry Newman with the world through our inspiring products.  Each t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, and notepad features a quote from these holy men, reminding us of the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith.  We have added the Blessed Mother onto some items since she is such a powerful intercessor!


We strongly hold that these quotes can be a source of inspiration and motivation in our daily lives, helping us to grow in our spiritual journeys.  By wearing and using our products, we hope you foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Oratorian saints, and their teachings.  These products are more than just stylish accessories - they are a tangible way to incorporate the wisdom of the saints into your daily life.



Our vision is to create a community of individuals who seek to deepen their relationship with God, through the wisdom of the saints. Primarily leaning on the direction of Oratorian saints, we seek to share the treasures of a particular spiritual family within the Catholic Church and the Mystical Body of Christ. We want our products to be a tangible reminder of the power and beauty of the Catholic faith, and to inspire others to live out the Christian faith in their daily lives. Become a saint!


Join us on this journey towards our heavenly homeland!  Embrace the insight of these great disciples of Christ to leverage their aid for your spiritual growth.  Let the wisdom of these saints guide you towards a deeper union with God, and let Oratorian Wisdom be your partner in this journey.